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All of our Instruments are:
  • USB Controlled
  • No Instrument Operating System to Go Obsolete
  • No Redundant Video Screen
  • All Insturments Come with Full Control and Analysis Software, as Many Copies as You Want
  • Lightweight, Portable, Small
  • Suitable for Bench Use or ATE
  • Excellent Value
  • Excellent Performance
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Lab-Quality Vector Network Analyzers to 20GHz that provide high accuracy, wide dynamic range, a familiar UI and a broad variety of standard features. 50 and 75ohm. Reflectometers, Automated Cal Kits, Cables. All using compact USB programable instrumentation.
www.coppermountaintech.comCMTCMT USB VNAs increase productivity and lower costs for test, control, and design applications, capitalizing on the ever-increasing performance of personal computers. Engineers using this format can downsize their equipment and experience significant productivity gains at a fraction of the cost of traditional analyzers.

LadyBug Technologies
High Performance USB, RF and Microwave Pulse Profiling, Pulse (Modulation), and CW Power Meter and Sensor in one
LadybugLadybugLadybug True RMS Sensors provide accurate, fast True RMS measurements. LadyBug Peak & Pulse sensors accurately make statistical measurements such as Peak and Pulse Power, Duty Cycle and Crest Factor. In addition to these measurements, Ladybug Pulse Profiling sensors offer triggered pulse measurements and statistical functions including CDF, CCDF and PDF measurements along with time domain trace visibility SAF TEHNIKA
Ultra-light handheld spectrum analyzers for comfortable outdoor use. The company has since expanded the range to cover 300 MHz -87GHz. Spectrum Compact is unrivaled for its for portability, instant on functionality, and intuitive operation. Spectrum Compact is the ultimate tool for easy physical layer RF investigation, and the included Spectrum Manager software makes reporting and analysis a breeze.
    SAF TEHNIKA                                      
  • Stand-alone Functionality: No laptop or power supply required
  • Ultra-compact form factor: Not much larger than a modern smartphone, it is designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use in a variety of challenging environments. 
  • Free PC Software: Upload, save, compare, analyze and print your saved spectrum scans using free PC software
  • Leading Sensitivity: -105 dBm receiver sensitivity in all frequency range allows you to discover even weakest signals
  • Resistive LCD Touchscreen: Allows to leave your gloves on while operating the unit. Intuitive UI makes it easy to control the unit
  • Long Battery Life

USB driven Spectum Analyzers, Tracking Generators and Vector Signal Generator.  High Dynamic Range to 20GHz.  Control and Analysis Software: Real Time Spectrum Analysis, Pulse and Modulation Analysis, Noise Power Analysis.
  • Lightweight, Small, Portable

  • Digital Modulation Analysis Capabilities.
    Perform EVM measurements and view complex plots for a number of PSK/QAM digital modulations.

  • Combine the Signal Hound USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer with the USB-TG44A tracking generator for an impressive and affordable scalar network analyzer! Spike enhances this functionality with its rock-solid stability.

  • Drivers for LabVIEW® enable Signal Hound spectrum analyzers and signal generators to interface with LabVIEW, National Instruments’ industry-standard software for data acquisition and instrument control.
Vaunix Technology Corporation
Lab Brick® product family of electronic test equipment, which sets a new standard for cost, size, and simplicity. Powered by USB and controlled by easy-to-use graphical-user-interface (GUI) software, Lab Bricks are designed to meet the needs of engineers and technicians that work either in the lab or in the field. Lab Bricks include Digital Attenuators, RF Switches, Phase Shifters, Signal Generators and Programmable Attenuators.
LSW Series RF and Microwave Programmable Digital Phase Shifters provide excellent phase accuracy while offering one-degree phase resolution. These low cost, portable, USB powered, wireless test devices are ideal for engineering and production test laboratories, field testing, and integration into high speed automatic-test-equipment (ATE) systems. The phase can be set from the GUI, configured from an uploaded phase profile, or programmed using the provided API DLL. The GUI software can track and control several connected phase shifters, simplifying multiple device test setups. Vaunix Digital Signal Generators offer high output levels and excellent spectral purity through 20 GHz. They can be operated in both continuous-wave (CW) and swept-frequency modes.The advanced LMSlow noise, fast 100 ms switching time, 100 Hz frequency resolution, phase-continuous frequency sweep (LFM), and high-speed internal and external pulse modulation.
Ancillary Equipment
Complete your Lab or ATE System with Signal Conditioning, Routing, and Antennas ARDENT CONCEPTS
Compression Mount Connector Technology.  The smallest, fastest, electronically efficient high performance multicoax and coax connectors and sockets.  Performance to 20, 40, 70 and 100GHz.  32GHz+ Compression Interposers.  BGA/LGA/QFN/QFP/Optical Test Sockets
ArdentArdent ArdentQuicklink e360MICROWAVE
Coaxial Relay Switches, standard and custom with frequency ranges to 33.5GHz. Ruggedized and high power available.  Electromechanical and solid state Switch Matrixes 
RF and Microwave Filters, Diplexers, and Sub-Assemblies. Tubular, LC, Cavity, and Waveguide, as well as Suspended Substrate Models
Reactel Reactel Reactel

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